Christmas Can Ruin Your Relationships

Christmas is a tough time for lots of people for many reasons, not only because we tend to succumb to media ┬ápressure and overspend. Christmas has become the stress highlight of the year, we are all trying to live up to some kind of expectations. Family, friends, colleagues, we perceive that they expect certain things of us at Christmas time and we get caught in the trap of running around trying to make everything wonderful for everyone. STOP, it’s just not possible. Trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations will send your stress levels through the roof, you’ll be exhausted and you’ll end up niggling and nagging the very people that you most want to make happy.

This Christmas concentrate on your nearest and dearest and remember that your time and attention are the most valuable gifts that you can give to anyone.

I’m collecting articles from other writers around keeping your relationship strong, today in the member’s area you will find an article by Chris Widener, “Put Some Z.I.P. into Your Relationships.

Z = Zing

I = Intimacy

P = Purpose

Have a look, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and get several useful tips to take care of your relationship – not just at Christmas!

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