Agony Articles – having a baby at 13 years old

Recently I wrote about school girl pregnancies. This is an excerpt from an email I received.

I found your letter about young girls getting pregnant. I’m 13 and I think I have missed 2 months does that mean I’m pregnant?
There was more. Basically this young girl doesn’t have enough knowledge of her own body to know whether or not she is pregnant. She is afraid to tell her mother. She hasn’t been using contraception and she has only had sex 3 times, she says.

1. Go to your family Doctor he / she is bound to keep your visit confidential.
2. If you are pregnant, get your Doctor to help you tell your mother – or perhaps some other adult you trust.
3. If you are not – STOP having sex, it is illegal at your age, in most western countries.
4. If you are going to risk underage sex go to the family planning clinic and get some advice on contraception – it’s free.

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