What makes you feel good?

What makes you feel good?

Most of us feel good when we have had a positive interaction with another being or we have achieved something we have been working on.

It’s hard to describe ‘feeling good’, but we can all recognize it when it happens. Feeling successful follows feeling good. First you “feel good” that’s the rush, then you fell the warm glow, that glow remains with you, so the more ‘warm glow’ feelings you have the more successful you feel.

Take a minute or two and without thinking too much write down a list of things that make you feel good, e.g.
• you solved a problem at work,
• you taught your child to ride his bicycle,
• you baked a Christmas cake,
• you went along the street dropping coins in all the parking meters that were due to run out,
• you helped a friend move house,
• you learned to use a new computer programme,
• you were promoted at work,

Everyone has things that make them feel good. The more of these things you can do the better you will feel. It is important to do something everyday that makes you feel good. That is success.

Of course it would be nice to make a million, but what if that million meant that you didn’t have time to spend with your family, what if you got so stressed getting your million that you ruined your health? Would that still be success?
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Tomorrow, you can feel good again!

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