Never Apologise for Your Success

Never Apologize for Your Success
sunset for web A day well spent is a successful day.

Deeply ingrained in the heart of every man, woman and child in the face
of the earth is the drive to succeed. Now with six billion people in the world
with the drive to succeed, that’s a tall order.
Fortunately, not all men, women and children are equal. In fact, each man
and women is unique and varied in terms of goals, capacity, purpose,
opportunities presented, threshold for risk, etc. Each has a slightly different
style of learning, preference, and outlook in life.
It would also stand to reason that each human being on the face of the
earth will have slight to extreme differences in defining what success is to
Success is defined as being in a situation of fame and/or prosperity. You
might think people became successful because they had an advantage.
And they actually do. They had the uncommon characteristic that they set
their minds to succeed.
They have the drive and desire to be where they choose to be. If it is
impossible at the present, they make plans to put themselves in situations
where they will get to their destination step by step. They just don’t give up,
they never lose hope even in the face of great odds.
Yet why are most of the six billion not successful then? Is there a reason why
not everybody is a millionaire? Everybody has the drive for success, so why
aren’t we all better off?
The answer unfortunately is not outside. It is because we stop or deny
ourselves success. It might sound strange, but most people choose to
not succeed.
Success can be pretty scary. It is a lonely journey to the top. People who
desire success can be viewed as caring only about money. Your talents will
be less valued by people who don’t see their worth. And quite possibly the
social circles the person moves in will not appreciate the success he has
achieved and will move to ostracize him.
Once success is achieved, a person is placed in a very unique situation of
his own making. He can choose to either get used to success or decide
that the discomfort of success is too much and withdraw back into
familiar grounds.
Never say you are sorry for your success whether the situation required a
person to strive for others or themselves. The very fact that he has reached
a certain level of success signifies a payoff of all the hard work and sacrifice
he has put into the effort.
Feel happy and enjoy the fruits of your labours. What is the value of tilling a
field if you do not enjoy its fruits? It is okay to feel good about being a
success. You do not have the world on your shoulders by yourself. Look
around and you will see that others are more than willing to take up the
burden with you.
Spread the wealth around. Give back to the community that supports you.
If you feel discomfort that you have more than the poor, then this would be
a perfect opportunity to make a significant contribution to your fellow men.
Build schools, parks, libraries, etc. If you’re not that successful, volunteer at
church, teach; make others happy in your presence.
Choose to teach your fellow man to learn to be a success. Go on lectures.
Share what you know with others. It will make the taste of success so much
sweeter when others are with you at the top.
Stay simple. As a successful person, the lure of the glitter is great. You may
be tempted to purchase extravagantly. Build three Jacuzzis in your ten
million dollar home in Beverly Hills. Don’t go over the top. Don’t let things
you own…own you.
Stick to your principles. The most successful people in the world are down to
earth, simple folks with iron clad values. When one of them says they’ll meet
you at five pm on the corner deli, don’t make the mistake of meeting them,
five minutes after the appointed time. If you do, you better have a good
Truly successful people are people with integrity. They keep their word as
much as they can and act warmly towards everybody they encounter.

And why shouldn’t they? They were willing to take a chance on life. So life
has given back what they put in, with interest.

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