Life Coach

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Life Coach

Robert Kyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame says, “Rich Dad encouraged me to always have a coach or mentor. He constantly said, “Professionals have coaches. Amateurs do not.”
Sports professionals, legal professionals, advertising professionals, successful people from all walks of life invest in their success through coaching.
In the fields of psychology, education and social work professionals are obliged to have professional and or therapeutic supervision. Coaching, mentoring and supervision are all designed to help the individual make the most of their talents and skills, perform at their optimum level and do the best job they can while keeping themselves safe and healthy. In my experience of giving supervision and receiving it, the opportunity to reflect on past performance and plan ahead with guidance from and experienced supervisor was invaluable.
You may be lucky enough to have a friend that can listen to you, support and advise you, but often these things overstep the boundaries of friendship, and that’s where the professional relationship with your life coach comes in, tried and trusted guidance in total confidence – at a price! Which is why I have decided to write about coaching on the internet and give you access to many techniques you can use by yourself or with a friend. You may also join our premium member’s area and ‘chat’ with other members and myself. You will enjoy having access to your own life coach.

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