Life Coach Consultant

Life Coach Consultant, there are many online “become a life coach” courses that you can buy. I’ve had a look at some and there is a range of quality and content.

If you watched the video on this blog yesterday you’ll see that my experience is in working with people struggling with the challenges of life. When you are in the midst of trauma or drama in your life you need help to make a picture of what your life will look like at the end of this particular struggle. You need help to focus on dealing with NOW, getting through every day, but always making progress towards your better life.
Back to Life Coach Consultant, life experience doesn’t come from an online training programme; but you can learn and gain a lot from online material – e.g. “How To Get Your Life Back”. Our e-book takes you through many of the areas that challenge your well being and it gives you the tools to identify and make the changes you want to make. If you feel you need a more personal approach feel free to contact me via the website to discuss your needs.
The other major role of being a Life Coach Consultant is the ability to offer practice evaluation to other life coaches. Practice Evaluation or Supervision keeps the practitioner ‘safe’ in his or her work. This service is also available if you contact me via the website.
Life Coach Consultant – Yemanya Coaching, making the most of what you’ve got.rainbow

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