International Life Coach

International Life Coach

I like this – I’m a Scot, living in New Zealand, does that make me an international life coach? Maybe working with people of different nationalities makes me an international life coach.

Seriously, Yemanya coaching is international because we reach people all over the world through our website.

Working with people of different nationalities makes life very interesting. Different nationalities have different priorities, generally though, people from every corner of the world hold the same values. Honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, kindness, reliability, loyalty…..

I do find, however, that people tend to be less than honest with themselves. Many of us are not good at acknowledging our talents and skills, we hide our lights under the proverbial bushel. In New Zealand, the phrase ‘tall poppy’ crops up and I get the feeling that some folks like to cut “tall poppies” down, I’m not sure why someone would choose not to celebrate the skills and talents of another. Maybe if we could celebrate ourselves more honestly we’d be able to live with the “tall poppies”

A big part of succeeding in life is knowing what you are good at, doing what you enjoy and using your skills and talents to get what you would like in life, we can all learn from the “tall poppies”

International Life Coach looking to grow tall poppies!

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