Great Life Coach

pansy 2 Great Life Coach

I love to spend time with really old people – older than Grandparents, probably great grandparents, we’re talking 80+. Some of them are incredibly wise and some of them are still about 12 in the way they see the world – amazing! But they all have great stories to tell.

Recently I was chatting to an elderly lady, she would have made an amazing life coach. She said that she didn’t ever worry about anything unless it would still matter when she was 80. She is over 80 and she reckons most of the stuff we worry about never happens.

This is from her –
• Look after what you’ve got
• Don’t spend more than you earn
• Keep a few hundred dollars to one side for a rainy day
• Have sex as often as you can get it – truly!
• Eat your greens and anything else that grows
• Don’t drink anything fizzy
• Keep your body and your mind active
• Say thanks to God every day you wake up

I think she would have been a great life coach!

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