Find Life Coach

Caroline Bay This picture has nothing to do with finding a life coach, I just thought you might like to go to the beach.
Find Life Coach

Do you ever type a question into Google just to see what comes up?
If you type in Find Life Coach most of the first 10 listings will be offering to train you as a life coach. That’s fine if you are looking for a career change but maybe not so good if you were actually looking for a life coach.

It seems that you can learn to be a life coach in as little as 6 months! I think you can probably learn to use a life coaching process in 6 months and there are some very good training courses around, I’m a big fan of Jack Canfield for example, he produces excellent material – and he has been around for a long time, he has a wide range of experience across a many areas of life.

I believe that’s the crucial thing that makes the difference, for you, – the person looking for a life coach.
A life coach that has some experience in the ‘school of life,’ as well as training and expertise in some specialist areas, is going to be able to draw on his or her knowledge and experience to create programmes that will offer you opportunities to explore your options and make the choices you need to make to get the best out of life.

Go on try it, type in find life coach, then come back and see me.

Find life coach

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