Do you have peace in your life?

Do You Experience Peace in Your Life?

foggy sunrise

Daily we are surrounded by noise and activity, most of it man made. Yet we are beings that require quiet times to reflect on life and recharge our batteries. Often we are racing through life always going somewhere to be busy doing something when we get there. In reality, though, all that we can do is what we are doing right now.

As a life coach I spend my time helping people to plan for a different life. People want to make change, people want their lives to be ‘better’. However, part of experiencing a ‘better life is enjoying what you are doing right now.

If I met you in the street and asked you what are you doing, you would probably say something like, ‘I’m on my way to Charlie’s to meet my friend for coffee’, actually, that is what you are planning to do, what you ARE doing is walking on the pavement or side walk. How often do you take time to enjoy the moment of what you are doing?

Jack Canfield, talks about the ‘5 a day rule’. 5 things that you will do every day to move you closer to your goal. They don’t need to be big things reading a chapter in a book counts. I like this approach, it allows you to plan your progress towards your goals and then relax, you have 5 things to do today that will get you to your goal by your chosen date and all you have to do is commit to doing them, then relax and enjoy each moment that you are on task.

The sense of achievement is wonderful, and you haven’t been constantly worrying about the future. Having completed your tasks you can relax.

Make space for some peace in your life, The picture above is a winter sunrise over the pacific, taken from my home a few hundred metres above Timaru on the east side of New Zealand. The morning was still and calm, I had completed some of my daily chores and still has lots to do but the beauty of the morning was such that I had to stop and enjoy the peace.

The birds were singing, but apart from their song there was silence, no wind, a slight chill in the air and the joy of watching the sun rise on a foggy winter’s day. I can recapture that feeling when I think about it or see this picture.

Make space every day for some peace in your life, keep some pictures of special moments handy so that you can use them to recapture the feeling. Enjoy NOW, because that is all there is.

Make the most of NOW, put everything you’ve got into what ever it is you are doing right now, focus on the activity, concentrate on it, enjoy it and then relax.

Remember when someone asks, “what are you doing?”, The answer is what ever you are doing right now!

Are you someone who feels under pressure, always chasing your tail, busy doing things for other people, working hard to earn enough money to keep a roof over your head and feed the family?

I know what that feels like, I’ve been there. It took my father’s death to make me realise that life can pass you by when you are busy. My father was a keen gardener, he created many beautiful gardens in his life time. On one occasion when he was moving house I asked, “Doesn’t it make you sad to leave this garden behind”, without hesitation he said, “No, I get the opportunity to make another one and someone else can enjoy this one.”

“I get the opportunity to make another one”. What he really enjoyed was the act of creating a garden. For him, the pleasure was in what he was doing ‘in the moment”. He was the sort of man that would stop to watch a bird enjoy the worms he had dug up. He would take the time to watch a butterfly emerge from it’s cocoon. He drew our attention to these things when we were children, but it’s now that I really appreciate the lessons.

Certainly, you need to know what you are going to do and you have to be aware of your past, but you also need to take time to enjoy the moment.

In my article titled, Time Management, I included a table to help analyse how you spend your time and how you might change that, look it up and make sure you include some time to experience peace in your life.


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