Can you handle more success?

Are You Capable Of Handling More Success?

I could just as well have asked you if you could handle being happier, being richer, whatever.

Success is something different for each of us. Success for me is being able to work from home at times that suit me. That lets me have peace and freedom in my life, when I have peace and freedom I am happy and relaxed – these are my success indicators.

What are your success indicators? When do you feel your best?

Success is often experienced as fulfillment, that sense of accomplishment when you achieve something you have been working towards. Therefore, if we choose to define success in these terms, you can plan for your success.

You can decide on some things you would like to achieve, put a time frame around when you will achieve them and write a statement about how things will look and how you will feel when you get there. It’s often called setting goals, but saying “I’m setting some goals” doesn’t sound like much fun, it doesn’t have the feel good factor around it, but “I’m planning my next success” has a much better ring to it.

If you’ve been reading any of my stuff you’ll know that I like the number 3, three steps, three days, 3 choices….. so – how about three steps to success.

1. Where would you next like to experience success?
2. What things will you do to move towards your next success?
3. How long will it take you to become successful in the choice you have made?

Tomorrow I’ll post something about how you can find out what makes you feel successful.

microlight Flying this little plane is my latest success.

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