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Best Life Coach – for you. How do you find the best life coach for you? As I said previously, life coaches come in many shapes and sizes, and just like shoes, you’ll only be comfortable if you get a good fit. Yemanya life coaching is about quality of life. Achieving balance so that you can take time out to smell the roses. The roses aren’t quite in bloom yet so, watch the video and take some time out with me. Many people know they aren’t as happy as they’d like to be but they aren’t sure what they need to do to be happier.  For some people it’s about money, others would like a better relationship, maybe it’s about more family time. Whatever it is you will benefit from some objective help to assess where you are right now, then the follow up work on where you want to go next and how to get there. So the best life coach for you is the life coach that you feel comfortable with. Yemanya Coaching has evolved from years of work with families and young people coming to terms with many and various difficulties in their lives.  Where ever there is a problem you can find a solution, the trick is getting to the solution.  The material available on the web site will give you an overview of where you are, help you make a plan to change things and give you lots of useful strategies to use along the way.

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