10 Confidence Boosters

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Do you sometimes feel a little unsure of yourself?

Read on – in less than 10 minutes you’ll have 10 great ideas to boost your confidence – and get people to like you!

1. Look in the mirror – what will people see when you walk in the room?
• Make sure you look clean and tidy and SMILE SMILE SMILE!
• Hold your shoulders back, walk tall, look like you enjoy life.

2. Look at the person you are meeting, no, don’t look them up and down, make eye contact. This is something you can learn, don’t stare, just flick your eyes onto theirs for a couple of seconds, look away again then back, especially when they begin their turn in the conversation. Looking them in the eye acknowledges you are giving them your attention.
• The biggest compliment you can give anyone is to truly listen to what they are saying. Giving eye contact let’s them know you are listening.

3. Whoa, that’s a lot to think about, but don’t hold your breath! Really, lots of us hold our breath when we are anxious, you need to BREATHE, deep breathing is relaxing. Practice deep breathing, not just when you have to meet people but every time you feel yourself getting a little uptight. Breathe in through your nose hold for a slow count of three, breath out slowly through your mouth. Repeat until you feel yourself relaxing.

4. While you are looking at the person find something to like, it may be their jacket, their ear-rings, the sound of their voice, their perfume… If you find something to like your energy will communicate that to the other person as acceptance. We all like to feel accepted.

5. Use your hands, open, palm up hand gestures show that you are not a threat. Open hand gestures are welcoming, they allow access to your space, they show you are alive! People will enjoy your open energetic approach.

6. Be confident, yes, I know, easier said than done, and you may have to practice a few things to get your confidence flowing.
• Make sure you look the best you can – hair clean and neat.
• Face, shaved, trimmed or made up – what’s your forte?
• Clothes clean, in good condition.
• Shoes clean
• Smile, ON!
• Listening ears open
• Eye contact – practice in the mirror
• And remember, the other person is probably feeling just the same as you!

7. Mirror people you like the look of, take time to watch people you admire, select one or two things they do that you think makes them look good, or relaxed, copy it, it works for them, it’ll work for you.

8. Do your home work, if you know you are going to a meeting or a group where you will be the newbie do your research, find out the names of the key people. Learn a little of the history of the group. You probably won’t need to speak about it but you’ll know what they are talking about and you’ll feel more confident – people will pick that up – and like it!

9. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, this was mentioned earlier, but it is the most important thing you can do, people love to be listened to, and if you are listening, you don’t need to talk – pretty smart move I think.

10. … and when the conversation turns your way – just ask another question about the person you are with and off they will go again, here are a few sample openers,
• Hi, how’s your day going?
• Tell me about yourself
• Do you enjoy working here?
• Have you always lived in…..
• Where do you come from?
• What training did you have to do to get a job here?
• Go on I’m sure you can make up another dozen!

Give all or some of these ideas a try, you’ll find they work a treat,
Good luck and have fun!

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