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“Read this [e]book and you will realise that until now you have been selfish – that is selfish with your own life and what you want. I started to read it and thought that sounds like me and as I turned page after page I felt the momentum build so much that by the end of the book I knew my life had to change and all the steps to achieving that change were within my grasp.”
–Grace Jones, Human Resources and Training Consultant, Wales, U.K.

“I have just read “How To Get Your Life Back”, a friend printed it out for me, I had just broken up with my partner – after he had physically made his point of view. I was feeling very low. I most enjoyed working out what it is I want to do with my life – and this time, with the help of your plan, I’m going to do it. Looking forward to being part of your group. Thanks to you from my friend and myself.”
– Elaine

“Just thought I’d let you know that my teenage boys are beginning to ASK me if they can borrow my car instead of assuming it’ll be OK then abusing me when I say no. I feel much better about things, being able to say NO and stick to it.
P.S. I stopped collecting their laundry from their rooms, as you said, it just wasn’t a good use of MY time. Guess what after two weeks of no clean clothes, it all happens like magic – a pile of smelly gear appears in front of the washing machine most days, I can handle that! Awesome!”
– Liz

“Anyway despite the stress in getting to the agreement I can see that what you say about offering solutions and the stuff you say about who is in control of your life does make a difference.
I don’t feel like I have won but I do feel that I have been given some consideration. I also put a bit in the note about how much I did want to have a holiday with him and that I wasn’t rejecting the ideas in order to avoid spending time with him. Thanks”
– Marlene

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