Change, just like the weather.

Last week I was able to work outdoors, enjoying the NZ spring weather. This week, we have had heavy rain, sleet and hailstones!

I think you might even be able to see the rain in this picture of my garden!

All of that set me thinking about change – and change is my business.

We can’t change the weather but it changes what we do, how we dress, where we go and that’s fine – that’s life.  However we tend to be creatures of habit, we like our routines and our comfort zones, yet we are often dreaming and wishing for something different or better.  That’s good too, but nothing happens without action – think of three things you would like to be different in your life, write them down, send them to me if you like!  I’ll publish a list of the changes most of you would like to make – please don’t include anything that would require surgery!

Now divide each change you’d like to make into 10 little changes and make them happen.  Here’s to better weather – and change!This wet day made me think about chnage.

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